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Monday, 19 November 2018

Property Law Update

A summary of the LRA 2002 reform followed by current Law Commission projects on leasehold law reform and electronic... Read more

Monday, 5 November 2018, Deal or No Deal ?


An expert view on the looming economic and political risks for the commercial real estate market

Neil Parker

Market... Read more

26 June 2018, Legal Indemnities Update

Legal Indemnities Update

Are you aware of all the options available for legal indemnity insurance?  Times have moved on!


Read more

Welcome to CRELA

CRELA is the only UK association representing the views and interests of non-contentious commercial real estate lawyers. We warmly welcome new members, with all levels of experience - and who are at any stage in their careers.

Why join CRELA?

There are three key areas where we deliver value to our members:

  1. We promote industry best practice across non-contentious commercial real estate law.
  2. We provide a large, highly focused, network for knowledge, information and ideas exchange among our members.
  3. We deliver the highest quality education and training in non-contentious commercial real estate law.


CRELA ensures that its members become more informed about their industry – through the best training and other highly stimulating events. We also offer a range of networking opportunities to facilitate increased knowledge sharing and social interaction with industry peers. Ultimately, all our activities aim to generate successful outcomes for both our members and their clients too.

Please note that CRELA membership does not extend to lawyers who cover environmental, planning, construction or residential property law.

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